San Clemente Beach Trail

San Clemente Beach Trail

The San Clemente Beach Trail is a beautiful and picturesque 2.3 mile walking and biking trail (4.6 miles round trip) that runs from San Clemente's North Beach to Calafia Beach, with fantastic ocean views, high cliffs, and an elevated foot bridge. The trail is well signed, well constructed and easy to walk on, even with flip-flops. Plus, there are … [Read More...]

Hollywood Sign from Mt Lee

Hollywood Sign Hike

As hikes and places of interest go, you'll be hard pressed to find a Southern California location as famous and iconic as the Hollywood Sign. Since 1923, the Hollywood Sign has sat near the top of Mt Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains, serving as a beacon of the Hollywood Dream and the LA experience for people worldwide. It's a must see location and … [Read More...]

Hiker chicks at Monrovia Canyon Falls

Monrovia Canyon Falls

The Monrovia Canyon Falls Trail is a picturesque, relatively short 3.4 mile trek with a gradual but steady 750 plus feet of elevation gain through mostly shaded … [Read More...]

Iconic Day Hikes You Will Definitely Want To Do…

James at Big Pine Lakes First Lake

Big Pine Lakes Trail To Second Lake

The first thing I thought of when I saw the spectacular photos my friends Jim and Arden took next to a surreal looking turquoise colored lake was, "where is this place and when can I hike it?" They told me it was the Big Pine Lakes Trail (also known as the Big … [Read More...]

Under the Bridge To Nowhere

Bridge To Nowhere Hike

The Bridge To Nowhere is one of those iconic type of hikes that you just have to do if you live in Southern California and like to hike. In fact, it's such a notorious hike involving several river crossings, real gold miners, a ghostly looking bridge straight … [Read More...]

Hikers at Fish Canyon Falls

Fish Canyon Falls

Back in the day, Fish Canyon Falls was generally regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in the Angeles National Forest. It was a pleasant 4 mile jewel of a hike with only 600 feet of elevation gain, superb views and an interesting trail that hugged the … [Read More...]

Point Dume State Beach

Point Dume Hike

Point Dume is a rocky promontory located at the western terminus of Santa Monica Bay between Dume Cove and Westward Beach in Malibu, California, about 1.75 miles from Paradise Cove. It can be accessed from a hiking trail at the Point Dume Natural Preserve or … [Read More...]

Places To Go When You’re Not Hiking

Beachwood Canyon Granddaddy Staircase

Beachwood Canyon Stairs

The Beachwood Canyon Stairs is a vigorous urban hike through quaint neighborhoods and up some of the steepest public staircases in the city. The hike starts more or less at the cobblestone planter near the Beachwood Café located at 2695 N Beachwood Drive in Los … [Read More...]

Bluesapalozza Stage


Sandwiched in between hikes to Big Pine Lakes and Yosemite May Lake, me and Kim put away our backpacks and trekking poles for a day and caught the shuttle to the annual Bluesapalooza Beer & Music festival in Mammoth. Neither one of us had been there before … [Read More...]

Convict Lake

Convict Lake

This was pretty much a goof-off day. After hiking the Big Pine Lakes area the day before, me and Kim met up with our friends Chris and Rocio at Schat's Bakkery in Bishop, before continuing our journey north up the 395. We were all going to the Bluesapalooza music … [Read More...]

Malibu Cafe Table Tennis

Malibu Cafe

Although the Malibu Café is intended to be a chic outdoor dining experience rooted in the rustic California cowboy lifestyle, this is more a place to go for the experience and ambiance than for the dining. The grounds are expansive and well manicured with various … [Read More...]

Top of the Notch Restaurant

Mt Baldy Notch

The Mt Baldy Notch is a large saddle like area located east of Mt Baldy (Mt San Antonio) and northwest of Thunder Mountain. It sits at an elevation of 7800 feet and is accessible via the Mt Baldy Sugar Pine Chairlift on weekends or daily via a hike up the 3.6 mile … [Read More...]